High performance physical-chemical separation process for water clarification, sludge thickening and raw material recovery.
Circular shape and low water profile.
Central inlet to let an even distribution of the water from the centre toward the periphery of the tank, following a pre-calculated dynamics, allowing an optimal separation of the solid particles in a very short processing time (decreasing flow velocity, low turbulence).
Operation with dynamic inlet flow rates thanks to its automatic water level control loop.
High efficiency unit: suspended solid removal up to 99%.
High consistency of floated sludge due to exclusive dual scoop design for uniform recovery of floated material.
Different tank versions available for any installation requirements.
Self cleaning unit due to bottom and wall scraper system.
Carriage rotation is guaranteed by a unique rack-and-pinion system, which ensures uniform and reliable anti-slip operation even in severe ambient conditions.
Availability of several automatic and advanced process control options to optimise costs, efficiency and minimise the operators presence at the plant.
High efficiency Air Saturation Reactor A.S.R.