We worked in full synergy with the Customer in order to recover the existing technology, if possible.

Hence we started from an existing Pulper, where we provided a new high-efficiency aggregate (LCB26) and modified the tank’s geometry.

OMC’s historic company requests us a solution to treat the water of the Odra river, characterised by many suspended solids and high hardness, bringing it to a specific quality, suitable for the production of TISSUE paper. The biological treatment of waste water is also requested.

At the heart of the Red Sea, OMC installs a system operating on two parallel and independent lines. The sea water is conveyed to a collection tank through five wells. Through a lifting station, the sea water is conveyed to the following sand filtering process.

A paper mill located in Zárate, Argentinian city in the province of Buenos Aires, requested OMC a system to recover waters coming from their existing lagoon biological system, with the aim to recover part of the treated water to make it suitable for industrial uses.