Aerobic type plants.
Total Oxidation Activated Sludge Reactor.
M.B.B.R. – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor.
Combined Reactor: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor + Activated Sludge Reactor for higher efficiency and reduced installation areas.
M.B.R. – Membrane Bio Reactors.
Design and construction of complete new plants or upgrading of existing ones.
W.A.M. – Water and Air Mixing system guarantees long contact time water – air bubbles, high efficiency of oxygen transfer, quick installation, absence of maintenance.
High efficiency microbubbles aeration system adopted (disc and tubular diffusers); extractable system to make easier the eventual maintenance.
Dissolved Air Flotation unit can be adopted both for primary and secondary clarification; high consistency floated sludge, the best quality of clear water, reduced space for installation required.
Tertiary treatment (continuous sand filters or microfilters) for the reuse of filtrate water in the process.
The Biofilm Reactor is particularly suitable for the upgrading of existing plants, allowing to increase the performance without any additional civil works, thanks to the geometry of plastic filling elements adopted.
Low sludge production, low energy and chemicals consumption.
M.B.R. – Membrane Bio Reactor. Activated sludge technology + Ultrafiltration for an optimal combination of simplicity and high efficiency.
Turn key plants.