OMC Collareda was initially called F.lli Collareda Sdf, and it was a small mechanical workshop producing metalwork for the industry in general. Already back then, focus was on the Paper industry with the production of tanks, chests, metalworks, assembly and installation of said products at customer’s premises and relative connection pipes.

OMC Collareda was one of the first companies back in 1995, to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certificate, a certification that places it on the market with prime standards to guarantee the quality and efficiency of production and management processes. Without forgetting sustainability and environmental protection.

Water is a precious asset, essential wealth and life source. We are aware that the future will reserve new challenges and the company will therefore continue to invest in the Italian territory but looking at globalization, with constant commitment in the research of new technologies for a sustainable world and in training human resources.

Environmental damages, the increasingly frequent effects of climatic changes are worsening water crises in the world linked to the availability and access of potable water, and also damages from flooding and drought. In order to raise people’s awareness in protecting the most precious asset, the World Day of Water was born.

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